Training: Flipping the Script

Based on our research with parents and community professionals, we identified some common popular narratives about the negative effects of media on children, such as the suggestion that today’s young people are addicted to digital media. This training explores these narratives with particular attention to how these negative perspectives can impact adults’ views of children, ideas about media, and perceptions about the relationship between children and media. With this training participants will practice re-directing conversations with parents/caregivers that involve myths about children’s relationships with digital media. The aim is to make the overall conversation surrounding children and digital media more balanced.

We’re in the process of piloting training materials.  Drafts of Powerpoints, notes, and handouts are available, particularly for our pilot participants.

Flipping the Script – Short version powerpoint

Flipping the Script – Long version powerpoint

Flipping the Script – Short version speaker notes

Flipping the Script – Long version speaker notes