Training: Can you help me?

Our interviews with librarians in three U.S. states indicate the desire for more professional training in relation to media advocacy with parents, with some librarians indicating they did not have the skills or knowledge to be effective media advocates. This training is designed to address these issues by building on librarians’ experience and expertise connected with reference interviews and book recommendations. It includes an introduction to the concept of “media advocacy” and provides a list of conversation starters for media reference interviews with parents and other caregivers.

We’re in the process of piloting training materials.  Drafts of Powerpoints, notes, and handouts are available, particularly for our pilot participants.

VIDEO 10 Minute narrative powerpoint introduction to Can You Help Me

Can You Help Me – Short version powerpoint

Can You Help Me – Long version powerpoint

Can You Help Me – Short version speaker notes

Can You Help Me – Long version speaker notes

Handout – Media Advisory Interview Guide